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My name is Cynthia Baldonado and I'm a producer with Viking Bond Service, Inc. I've been with the company since 2006 and have learned a lot over the years and have made some great relationships with our surety markets. I'm happy to share my experience and knowledge with you!

While I specialize in contract related bonding, I can assist with any surety bond request or question you have - from license and permit bonds to performance and payment bonds, and even hard to place bond types such as reclamation bonds and utility deposit bonds. Have a bond need or just a question? Contact me. I'm happy to help!

You can also visit the pages I've authored to learn more about some of the bond types I handle. Don't see the type of bond you are looking for? Not to worry. I'll be adding more pages in the future, but you can feel free to contact me with your specific questions and I'll get you the answers you seek.

By: Cynthia Baldonado

Do you have a question or need a bond? Call me at (623) 518-2982. I'm always happy to help! I'm available Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8AM and 5PM Arizona Time. After hours or you'd rather contact me electronically? You can also fill out the Contact Me section on this page and I'll contact you during business hours.

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(623) 518-2982

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SuretyBonds.Biz is a website for Viking Bond Service, Inc. producers to provide information about frequently requested surety bonds in their words. Viking producers specialize in surety bonds of all types. Since bonds are the sole product provided by Viking, the producers are an excellent resource for information and assistance.